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Dial-up server authentication

Link monitor
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The linkmonitor or dial-up host authentication scripts consist of parts that run on the host the dial-up server registers with, parts that run on the dial-up server to monitor the dial-up link and IP address and parts that run on both hosts.

The perl module in the CSEC subdirectory is used on both the host the dial-up server registers with and the dial-up server. The regsvr subdirectory contains the scripts that monitor the IP address and DSL link on a linux host. The sprm subdirectory contains secrets the dial-up server IP address for storage on the host the dial-up server registers with. The home subdirectory contains similar data for storage on the dial-up host. Finally, the auth subdirectory contains scripts for your authentication host, which is, of course, publicly accessible and permanently hosted.


The linkmonitor scripts require several perl modules from cpan.org, all much more professional than any script I could write with my limited command of perl scripting. The follownig modules are imported:

  • LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request and URI for http requests and URL assembly.
  • Digest::MD5 for authentication fingerprints.

The scripts were written for linux hosts and apache (or other unix-like) web servers. To use the scripts, look for the path variables at the start and adapt them to your needs.

Execute the linkmonitor.sh or linkmonitor.pl scripts to register your dial-up host with your domains.

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