Mail Server
Advantages and difficulties of running an own mail server with an overview on related articles, scripts and utilities.
Collection of hints and utilities creating web pages with the open source content management system.
Code, hints and solutions for various programming languages.
The R Project in Statistical Computing.

Programming and Technology Blog

Select topics in programming, technology and server administration.

Computational Statistics in R

I have been doing a lot of statistics in R lately and added a section for coding problems arising from at times not too intuitive library functions.

WordPress and Web Development

Since I actively started blogging in 2021 I had a steep learning curve coming from back-end server development. So I opened a WordPress section in this blog with solutions that help me running my pages.

Running a Mail Server on Debian Ubuntu

If you’re interested in running an own mail server, you may find my pages on Postfix with Courier-IMAP useful.

Postfix with Courier-IMAP Mail Server System.

The mail server section of my blog has step by step instructions on installing Postfix with Courier-IMAP. The proposed setup supports a large number of mail accounts with folder administration in MySQL.

Published: January 6, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2022
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